Blended Families: One Woman's Letter to her Ex-Husband's New Wife

If you could write a letter to your ex-husband's new wife, what would you say? Would you tell her how happy you are that you aren't married to him? One woman had a very different approach. She wrote a very touching letter to her ex-husband's new wife letting her know how much she appreciated the way she cared for her daughter. She talks about how she wanted to be resentful and jealous, but in reality she couldn't have picked a better step mom for her daughter. The full letter by Candice Curry and a short summary by Kyle Becker can be found by clicking here. The message is a great one for families living in a post-divorce reality. Divorce touches more than just the husband, wife, and children. It blends new families together and just as with many things in life, attitude can be everything.

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