What Can You Learn from a Multi-Billion Dollar Divorce?

Making financial and social headlines is the pending divorce of Sue Ann Hamm and her husband Harold Hamm, an Oklahoma oilman. With around $17 billion reportedly at stake, the couple's case could well be the largest divorce settlement in history. Forbes contributor Jeff Landers shared his opinion that while large scale divorces such as the Hamm's may not be common, they still offer insight and opportunities for everyone to learn from. While the Hamms are probably not a fan of their situation making headlines, the interest that surrounds their story can help bring attention to the ins and outs of divorce that often go overlooked. Some of these useful tips include keeping track of documentation, changes in value of property you owned together and separately, and establishing a formal date of separation. These factors can come into play determining values and assets. No matter the scale of dollar sign that is on your situation, the same rules and precautions apply. To read Lander's full article on Forbes, click here.

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