Being Sued For Divorce, But Never Married?

Rising rapping star Iggy Azalea has been served with divorce papers, but apparently she was unaware she was married in the first place. It has been reported that Maurice Williams filed divorce papers in Texas to end what is claimed to be a common law marriage. In Texas, a man and woman who live together for any amount of time are considered legally married if they agree to be wed and hold themselves out to the public as a married couple. While Azalea is denying any participation with those intentions, Williams is claiming they held themselves out as man and wife and begin living with each other in Texas around September 2008.

Williams alleges they began living separately last year, meanwhile Azalea has been seeing Lakers player Nick Young. They have already been at odds before over the rights of music Azalea penned while they were together. If a common law marriage is found to exist, Williams could be entitled to half of the rapper’s music. To read more of the story, click here.

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