Everyone Needs Some Grace

As adults our lives are full of stress, deadlines, and responsibilities. When we see children and teenagers, we go back to a time where our only worries consisted of homework and outfit choices. But sometimes, these children have faced much more serious problems at age 11 than we have at age 25 or even 40. Some children don’t know what it is like to have your biggest worry be deciding between cheerleading and the marching band. Some children and teenagers have experienced broken homes and abuse, and are left to defend for themselves.

Grace House Ministries is an organization who comes in and helps girl in these situations. They are a residential home to girls, ages 6-18, who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned. But on arriving at Grace House, they are surrounded by people and mentors who love them and are ready to help heal them from their past and unlock their potential for the future. To find out more about Grace House Ministries and how you can help you can check out their website at www.grace-house.org

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