The Bigger the Wedding, the Likelier the Divorce?

According to a study by two researchers at Emory University, there could be a link between expensive weddings and the probability of a divorce. In a study consisting of 3,151 married couples in the United States, the researchers claim that the perfect, divorce-proof combination is a wedding that is inexpensive, but high in attendance. The article in the Chicago Tribune attributes the growth of the wedding industry to consumerism and making "happily ever after" a product that can be bought. But according to the study, when it comes to the price of your wedding and happiness of your marriage, the numbers don't always match up. To read more on this study and the full article with the Chicago Tribune, click here.

Regardless of studies and bridal magazines, sometimes divorce is a place where people inevitably find themselves. But in most cases, it is not the end of something, but the beginning of something better. If you have questions about divorce or another family law matter, please contact Mallory Earley with Humble Law LLC, formerly Beckum Kittle LLP to discuss your case today by calling 205-419-8068 or emailing Mrs. Earley at

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