Windstream Communications Settles Claim of False Internet Speeds

In February 2014, Windstream Communications, a national internet service provider, settled claims with the State of Georgia for $600,000 involving allegations of false internet speeds. Now, a year later, it is Alabama residents, many located in St. Clair, County (including residents of Springville, Argo, Margaret, Moody, Ashville, Pell City, Odenville, Trussville, and Leeds), who are demanding that Windstream deliver on unfulfilled promises of high speed internet service.

Fox 6 “On Your Side” reporter Ronda Robinson first reported on the issues for St. Clair County residents in October 2014, noting that customers paying for Windstream’s 12 megabyte “high speed” service were only receiving a paltry 2 megabytes to 4 megabytes of internet speed. Since the Fox 6 story aired, the law firm of Humble Law LLC, formerly Beckum Kittle LLP has investigated the claims of lagging internet service and actually found that, in some cases, the promised “high speed” internet service failed to reach even 1 megabyte during peak hours of use.

With the issues affecting local business establishments, including a pharmacy in one case, and with more than 600 individuals signing an online petition against Windstream, it is apparent that the problems are widespread. If you have been impacted by Windstream’s internet service, our law firm would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience as well as the efforts that Humble Law LLC, formerly Beckum Kittle LLP is taking to require Windstream to meet its obligations.

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