Three Things to Avoid During a Custody Battle

When it comes to deciding child custody, no factor is more important the court than the best interests of the child. Many divorce clients locked in a custody battle are confident in their parenting abilities, their history of caring for their child, and their presentation to the court-- only to be blindsided when they realize that other, seemingly unrelated behavior has counted against them. Let's take a look at three common behaviors that can derail a divorce client's fight for a preferred custody arrangement.

When anticipating a custody battle, it is advisable to avoid:

  • Vindictive behavior towards your spouse. Volatile feelings towards your spouse are a common part of the divorce process. However, when considering the best interests of your child, the court wants to know that each parent can encourage a child's relationship with the opposite parent. If there is a record of you sending hurtful messages to your spouse, or that you have been talking badly about them to others, it is likely that the court will be skeptical of your ability to provide objectivity to your parenting.
  • Making a parental decision without communicating. By the time a divorce hearing is occurring, it common for spouses to be already living apart and sharing some parenting duties. During this uncertain time, it is critical that you continue to make a cooperative and communicative effort with your spouse. Even simple actions-- like picking a child up from school, or rescheduling a doctor's appointment-- without the other parent knowing can demonstrate to the court that you are incapable of collaborating with your co-parent.
  • Moving in with a significant other. When children are involved, countless divorce decisions are made in an effort to provide a certain comfort and continuity to a child's upbringing. If you have already moved in with a new significant other (or allowed a new significant other to move into your residence), then the court will certainly question your ability to provide a stable and trustworthy environment for your child.

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