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Child Support: Imputing Income

Whether you have been married and divorced or are simply a parent trying to obtain financial support for your child, each and every parent is obligated to provide financial support for their child. ...
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What happens if you do not have a Power of Attorney?

"You need a durable power of attorney!!!" This is a common mantra from Estate and Elder Law attorneys and for good reason. A durable power of attorney can be a lifesaver if you, or someone ...
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Cheater, Cheater: The New Craze of Infidelity Testing

Have you ever wondered if your significant other is cheating on you? Whether you have been married for six months or forty years, the topic of infidelity has probably come up. It is estimated that up ...
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Alabama's New Grandparent Visitation Law

During its 2016 regular session, the Alabama legislature passed House Bill 334 regarding grandparent visitation in this state. This bill has been signed into law by Governor Robert Bentley and goes ...
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Common Law Marriage Abolished In Alabama

During the 2016 session of the Alabama legislature, House Bill 332 was introduced by Representative Mike Jones, Jr., of Alabama’s 92 nd District. The bill was signed into law by Governor Robert ...
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Navigating the "New" Sexual Harassment

When most people think of workplace sexual harassment, they might imagine inappropriate touching between co-workers or indecent sexual bargaining between superiors and subordinates. While these ...
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