Nashville's Version of the Employment Contact, featuring Kesha

Everyone knows Nashville is music city. Our country music scene is world famous and the expansion into other genres has been dramatic. We not only have the artists but the industry to back them up.
Nashville is home to dozens of music labels that regularly sing artists to contract deals.

While that part of Nashville continues to thrive, we are adding new industry every day. As the “It City”
we have experienced the addition of many new businesses, everything from our favorite neighborhood stores to headquarters for multi-national corporations are landing here.

Nashville is very familiar with the notion of a recording contract and we have all seen the saga’s play out in the press. The lengthy legal battles of recording artists like Kesha and Drake, show us the harsh reality of how binding a contract can be. Recording contacts are some of the toughest, leaving artist bound to a label or producer for years.

Most of us will not experience a recording contract first-hand but many will be presented with a more
standard employment contract. Employment contracts, while not typically as binding, can still place an employee in a tough spot. It is important to have these contracts review by independent counsel before signing. You may not be stuck working for your employer for years, but you may be left with little to show after years of dedicated employment.

If you have an employment contract that needs to be reviewed, you should contact one of the of
attorneys at Humble Law today.


Marquie Young is an Associate Attorney in Humble Law, LLC’s Nashville office. Marquie can be
reached via email at or by phone at 615-800- 3041.

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