Employment Contracts: What are You Really Agreeing to?

Millions of workers have signed an Employment Agreement. If you have signed one, did you read it? Do you really know what you have agreed to?

A recent study by the Economic Policy Institute found that some 60 million U.S. workers no longer have access to courts to resolve employment disputes. These disputes could include everything from Discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to issues related to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

A growing number of employers began including mandatory arbitration procedures in the early 2000s and many even added a class-action waiver. Now, more than half of the nonunion private-sector employees have contracts subject to an arbitration procedure.

The US Supreme Court recently began hearing oral arguments on a set of cases challenging the inclusion of class action waivers in arbitration agreements. The Court will be examining whether these waivers violate the National Labor Relations Act. Until we have that answer, it is important to review your Employment Contracts closely. If you have an employment contract that you would like reviewed, contact an attorney at Humble Law today.

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