Do Not Let Social Media Impact Your Employment

Unless you live in Montana, your employment is probably “at-will.” This means your employer could terminate you for virtually any reason, if it is not discriminatory. Those reasons could include your social media activity.

While there are endless issues that can arise when mixing social media and employment, two major issues tend to come up. Spending excessive time on social media sites during work hours or post portraying an image of yourself or your employer, that your employer deems inappropriate, are primary issues. These could be reason your employer may terminate you.

Many companies have implemented technology that blocks employee access to social media sites on work computers. However, nearly everyone has a personal device connected to the internet via cell service and company blocking is easily by-passed.

Be mindful of your company’s social media policies. You do not want to blatantly break a known policy, however, gray areas that policies do not directly cover can cause the biggest issues.

The overall public nature of social media can cause issues in the workplace. Even when you are on personal time, if your employer sees behavior or posts that could reflect negatively on them, they could use it as grounds for termination.

Make sure you avoid mingling your personal and professional life, even on social media. “Friending” a supervisor may not be the best option, if you hope to keep your personal life, personal. While employers are not supposed to use social media post as a reason to hire you, they do often seek to find potential employees on social media prior to hiring. Even after hiring, a disparaging post about your employer or a fellow worker could ruin your reputation and your career.

Just remember, social media posts are forever.

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