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Alabama Sexual Harassment

If you feel as though you are the victim of sexual harassment, your immediate actions could prove to be the most significant in the outcome of your case.

If your harasser, your employer, your company, or your human resources center has failed to take necessary action to stop the harassment, we are ready to take further, more enhanced legal recourse on your behalf. Let our Birmingham employment attorneys help you today.

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Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment AlabamaIn today's modern society, we spend a considerable amount of time at the workplace. For many hardworking Americans, their line of work is a primary source of revenue to support their families and their lifestyles. For this reason, the workplace has become like a "home away from home."

When trouble sparks at the workplace, however, the stress and tension arising from work-related incidents can cause overbearing friction in our personal and professional lives. Though sexual harassment laws exist to prevent unwanted sexual advances within the workplace environment, the reality of sexual harassment still exists.

We have advocated on behalf of victims of all forms of sexual harassment, including:

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Indecent gestures
  • Sending explicit or sexually suggestive emails or messages
  • Staring in a sexually suggestive manner
  • Solicited sexual activity for job promotions
  • Unwanted comments or jokes of a sexual nature

The effects of sexual harassment can be far-reaching; including emotional and psychological scarring that could take years to truly heal. We understand how frightening it can be to step forward. By speaking out about an injustice in your workplace, however, you can take a brave step forward in creating a safer environment for you — and others like you — in the workplace.

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Not only do we represent employees who have been harassed, but we can also be hired to protect the interests of other individuals who have been accused of sexual harassment. We understand that the unspoken undertones of a sexual harassment accusation can have tremendous ripple-effects and we can do whatever is necessary to minimize the impact of legal action on your reputation.

We have been trusted to represent the interests of both small businesses and major companies in the Alabama area, including:

  • Sherriff's Departments
  • County Commissioners
  • Personnel boards
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Custom home builders
  • Insurance companies
  • Contractors
  • Private and public sectors

In the realm of employment law, there is no such thing as a "cookie cutter" approach to legal representation. We take immense pride in personally and individually protecting the interests of our unique clients, completely tailoring our proven strategies to secure the best possible outcome.

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